Bulk Polymer Solutions

Creating Solutions for the Polymer and Dry Bulk Material Handling Industries through synergistic partnerships and collaborative efforts between customer, supplier and representative.

Material Solutions
Equipment Solutions
Bulk Polymer provides Thermoplastic Resins,Custom Compounding and Recycling of ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Nylon, PBT, PET, PC, PP, Polystyrene, PTFE, PVC and TPE.
We serve many markets throughout the Gulf and Southwestern Territory specializing in Industrial Water & Wastewater, Packaging, Medical, Dry Bulk Material Processing, Dry Chemical Processing and Plastic Molding/Extrusion.
Bulk Polymer provides state-of-the-art, custom engineered equipment for polymer activation and material process and conveyance systems, specializing in efficient and accurate cost reduction technology.
Thermoplastic Resin
Liquid Polymer Activation
Bulk Bag Unloader