About Us

Bulk Polymer Solutions is committed to providing a synergistic experience that provides value to both our customers and our supply partners.  We focus on solutions to the day-to-day business challenges that plague our customers while maintaining profitable opportunities for our supply partners. 

Value Solutions


After doing business for over 17 years in industrial manufacturing and distribution we have learned one steadfast rule that provides sustainable and lasting relationships upon which the foundation of every great business is built...

Take Care of your Customers, Take Care of your People, Take Care of your Partners, and the rest will Take Care of Itself. 

Business is, always has been and always will be, about people.  Our business is about the relationships we carve out on a daily basis and building that business collaboratively with our cusotmers, partners and employees.

Company Vision

Mission Statement

Bulk Polymer's Vision is to build a Rep Group that focuses on servicing the needs of our customers by providing them with true synergistic solutions to their material, logistical and financial burdens.
Bulk Polymer's Mission is to be the preeminent source for Thermoplastic Resin, Polymer Activation Equipment, Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment and Plastic Recycling  in Gulf Region and through the Midwest.

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